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 Hospice West Auckland is a registered charitable trust that provides specialist palliative care for people at the end of their lives.

Our unique blend of holistic care extends to patients, families, whānau and carers. We offer our services in your own home or at Hospice House, located at 52 Beach Road, Te Atatu Peninsula.

We are here to help you with your physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical needs. We care about quality of life, comfort and dignity at the end of life, and ongoing support for those who are grieving for their loved ones.

Hospice Services

Our team will work alongside your General Practitioner (GP) and other healthcare services to provide you, or your loved one, with palliative care to assist you to live your life well.

The following services will be offered by our health and social care professionals, by appointment, at your residence, onsite at Hospice House, or virtually by phone or online consultation as appropriate. 

  • Medical and Nursing Services
  • Physiotherapy and Lymphoedema Services
  • Medication Education and Management
  • Social Work Services
  • Counselling and Bereavement Support
  • Music and Arts Therapy
  • Spiritual Advice
  • Patient and Family Groups
  • Volunteering Services


Hospice West Auckland continues to provide palliative care services for patients, and support for their carers, and whānau, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Services will be offered in person, by phone, or virtually via zoom, as per current health service practices. We want to make sure we keep everyone as safe as possible so here are some things you need to know:

Our Phone Advisory Service (08008349755) operates 24 hours a day for you to access clinical advice.
Our services are available for all palliative patients regardless of their vaccination status.
All our health staff are Covid-19 vaccinated in line with the Government’s vaccination mandate.

Our clinical team works with patients, and their support people, to determine the most appropriate type of contact and care based on your palliative care needs, risk of exposure to Covid-19, and other health services involved in your care.

Based on your needs our staff will:

  • See you in person at your home, place of residence or Hospice House. On occasion, staff may communicate with other hospice staff by phone or video when they are with you, minimising the number of people you are exposed to but ensuring you get the care and support you need.
  • See you by video using zoom of another video option.
  • Contact you by phone or text.

We encourage you to think about what you might need if you or someone in your household becomes Covid-19 positive, for example making sure you have the prescribed medications you need and that someone is checking on your welfare.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about your palliative care.

Clinical Phone Advisory Line: 0800 834 9755

Programmes and bookings at Hospice House: 09 834 9758

What to expect

Before visiting your home we will call you to:

  • Ask you if you or a person living in your home is Covid-19 positive. Please do let us know if anyone in your household has covid or is a contact; we will still visit but the information allows us to plan and take all necessary precautions.
  • Check if you have surgical masks for you and your support people to wear during the visit. We can supply these if you do not have them.
  • We may ask if you have Wi-Fi, electronic devices (computer/laptop with camera) or cell phone with data so we can connect with other members of our team or your support people during the visit.

Please note that Hospice West Auckland's services are available for all palliative patients regardless of their vaccination status. Based on the pataient's needs, assessments and consultations will be conducted as home visits, using video/virtual tools like zoom or messenger, or by phone or text. 

We are accepting referrals.

Our Phone Advisory Service is available on 0800 834 9755.  This service provides 24-hour telephone advice and support from a palliative clinical nurse specialist, who can also access further support if required, including medical advice and an on-call nurse, to visit a patient between 8 am - 4.30 pm.

Doctors can also speak with a Senior Medical Officer for advice on the Doctor Direct Advice Line 09 834 9757. 

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