Social Care

"None of us knows what it will be like when our time comes, but we know it will help if people are with us on the journey - people who are not frightened to listen to us, who will not leave us to negotiate the last part of the track alone."
- Professor Rod MacLeod, from 'Snapshots on a Journey'.

At Hospice West Auckland we know that when a person is referred to our service for care, they don’t simply come as a patient with a diagnosis; they come as an individual that has connections to and relationships with other people, family and friends and a community. We aim to support the care of the whole person, and the people they love and who are involved in caring for them.

Social Care is made up of a team of dedicated, professional people whose specialism is assessing and providing patients and their families with psychological, social, emotional and spiritual care from the moment a person comes into our care. The work of this team is supported and enhanced by a group of committed Patient & Family Volunteers.

Together this team provides a holistic package of care for patients and their families in our care.

The team includes Social Workers, Spiritual Care, Counsellors, Art and Music Therapists, Integrative practitioners in massage and support therapies. Volunteers provide patient companioning, support to write ‘Living Memories’ (Life Review) and facilitate some of our support groups.

All these services are provided at both Hospice West Auckland sites at Hospice House, 52 Beach Rd, Te Atatu Peninsula and the Living and Learning Centre, 206 Swanson Rd, Henderson.