Health Care

Your Health Care Team

Our team works with patients and their families/whanau. The first visit to a new patient is for an initial assessment and is usually made by a nurse and a social worker. They will assess your needs and discuss a care plan with you, which may include attending to pain and other symptom management, organising for home nursing equipment to be delivered and offering practical and supportive advice to carers and family.  

Our Health Care team consists of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Specialist Palliative Care Nurses, Palliative Medicine Specialists and Medical Officers who will work with your GP to ensure the best possible care.
Your assigned nurse will work with other professionals to facilitate access to the practical, physical, emotional and spiritual services you and your family may require.

Continuous care

At Hospice West Auckland, we have a 24-hour service. Scheduled nursing visits are made during normal business hours and after hours assistance is available for urgent matters and support. On occasions where additional support is required overnight, we may be able to assist with placing a night sitter in your home.  Your visiting nurse or social worker can explain more about this service.

If symptoms become too complex to manage at home, we have four specialist palliative care beds in the Kowhai Suite at Hospice House in Te Atatu Peninsula, available for short stays. Care in the Kowhai Suite is provided at no cost. Patients are admitted for a variety of reasons which are specific to their needs and include the active management of complex symptoms such as pain. Care at the end of life will also be provided if required. We care about quality of life, dignity and comfort at the end of life. Our approach is to provide holistic care specific to each individual patient through physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support.

We welcome you to call us at any time, day or night for advice. It is important to us that we can put your mind at ease and attend to any concerns. Our aims are to ensure that you maintain maximum comfort and to support you and your family in caring for you.