Counselling & Art Therapy

Hospice West Auckland offers a variety of individual, family and group Counselling and Arts Therapy sessions. These are held in safe and informal spaces where a qualified therapist can companion you through the experience these changes bring and through the grief process. Both disciplines provide an opportunity for an individual to express their thoughts and feelings, concerns and worries in the presence of a trained, qualified practitioner. Arts Therapy offers individuals (of any age) and families the opportunity to do this in a unique creative way using art materials to complement the process of talking, discussing and sharing – no experience or capacity in art in necessary.

Grief occurs at all stages of the person and their family’s journey and our Counsellors and Arts Therapist are able to be alongside the patient and or their family member/s at any point along the way as things change for a patient and their family.

We also provide bereavement support, in a range of forms. It can make a remarkable difference and will help you to understand how grief affects each of us, identify coping strategies and learn new methods to help yourself through the experience. We provide bereavement groups that offer a safe and informal space for those experiencing grief to reflect and express emotions. Although it is common to want to find our own way through grief and avoid seeking help, bereavement support can make a remarkable difference and most people feel strengthened, encouraged and supported if they do take part in a group.

The counselling and therapy aims to support personal understanding about how grief affects us, identifying coping strategies and learning new methods to help ourselves through the grief experience and is invaluable during this difficult time.