Yi finds her passion in palliative care nursing

Yi’s family, originally from Zheng Zhou, in the He Nan province of China, have been living in NZ for twenty years now. Many new things have come her way since they moved, including the discovery of her passion for specialist palliative care nursing. 

When the opportunity presented itself to step into a specialist palliative care nursing role at the Waikato in-patient unit, Yi was at first, hesitant but curious. In China, it’s considered unlucky to plan for death so conversations around working to support people to have good deaths, were new, interesting and a little daunting. 

“I can’t imagine doing anything else now.  Palliative care is my passion” says Yi. “It is a special role I fill in a patient’s journey.  I support the patients, their carers, and their families, so they know what’s coming next.  Most have never been on a journey like this before, but I’ve been there many times. It can be reassuring for them know that I’m right here, in their home, to provide them with answers and the help they need.”

Since joining the team at Hospice West Auckland, Yi speaks proudly of the care that she is able to deliver to people in the place they call home. People often tell her how grateful they are that the Hospice West Auckland team enable them to stay home, to live every moment, in the place where they are the most comfortable. 

To enable people to live their last days at home, Yi also spends time teaching carers what they need to know. She gives them the confidence to manage situations that will come up as they care for their loved one and empowers them to communicate what they need.  

“It is a blessing to join each of those families and be their support upon which they can lean on for guidance and knowledge” says Yi. “They give their hands to you, needing you to guide them through this challenging and beautiful journey”



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