The Hearts of our Hospice - Regular Givers Frank and Koba Schuurman

Hospice has been an organisation dear to Frank and Koba’s hearts for the past sixteen years, ever since the loss of their close friend Toni Van Kampen, who died in our care. The Schuurmans commented on how compassionate and nurturing our nurses were for Toni, “There was always someone there to offer support in her time of need.”

Frank and Koba have both experienced the hardship of illness, having both battled cancer, they are extremely appreciative of the smaller things in life. Reflecting on their experiences and being asked how they define ‘Living Every Moment’, the Schuurmans’ said “to be happy, and to enjoy your life”. It is imperative for them to live every moment by spending time with their family, travelling together on the water, painting, and giving back to their local community.

Supporting charities like Hospice is incredibly important to the Schuurmans, as they know first-hand the amount of care and resources that Hospice provides. The Schuurmans are proud to generously support Hospice West Auckland and have committed to leave a Bequest – a lasting legacy to continue their support.

Our services at Hospice West Auckland rely heavily on the generous donations we receive from our regular givers like Frank and Koba Schuurman. With the unwavering support of our donors, we can ensure our patients in the West are cared for with compassion and dignity when they most need it.

If you would like to become a regular giver, call Bella Davis on 09 834 9752 or email


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