Share a moment, Give a Moment, Live Every Moment

This Hospice Awareness Week, share a moment and give a moment to help people living with terminal illness live every moment

What is a moment? Too often we spend our lives complaining about being too busy, somehow disregarding the individual moments that make up every day. Have you ever wished for a moment to go faster? For next week, next Christmas, next year to come quicker? Now think about if those moments had an expiry date.

Our supply of moments is not limitless, and that’s why this Hospice Awareness Week (15 – 21 May) we’re celebrating every little moment. Our patients, their families, our volunteers, staff and supporters are sharing what living every moment means to them and we invite you to do the same.

When you’re dying every moment counts.  For the people cared for by Hospice West Auckland living every moment is central to their care, whether that’s sharing comfortable silence, seeing a much loved pet, identifying and sharing end-of-life wishes or celebrating a personal milestone.

Please help support our patients and their families by thinking about what moments are meaningful to you and thinking about giving a moment – volunteering your time or donating  to help those people who need Hospice Care.

We have compiled a series of moments shared by patients, families and staff to illustrate what living every moment means. Take a moment to share these moments and reflect on what is precious to you.

Please share your moments via the Facebook pages of Hospice West Auckland, Hospice North Shore, Hibiscus Hospice and Warkworth Wellsford Hospice.

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