Meet Bella Davis, our Buy Nothing New Month Hospice Champion

We’re celebrating Buy Nothing New Month in October and, just as the name suggests, it’s all about buying nothing new! Of course, buying necessities like food, hygiene & medicinal products and is okay, but when it comes to that new pair of pants, makeup or furniture, it’s a matter of pausing and asking ourselves a couple of really important questions. “Do I really need this” and if I do “How can I make it, buy it second hand, borrow it or rent it?” After all, if we take a moment and ask ourselves these questions, we’d probably end up saving some money, lowering our impact on the planet and learning a new skill!

Here at Hospice West Auckland, our Community Relationship Manager Bella Davis is taking on the challenge of buying nothing new for the whole month of October. Bella’s from the UK and has been working for Hospice West Auckland since November 2017. “I wanted to work for a charity that was doing something good for the community and I believe in what the Hospice does”. Bella enjoys the odd bit of online shopping and thinks it’s great to be able to buy things at the click of a button. “We live in a digital world and online shopping has become huge – it does have its advantages and disadvantages though. It’s great because you have the ease of buying things, at any time of the day. The disadvantages are that you often buy something that’s not quite right and you don’t send it back. You’re left with all these extra items that you’re not going to wear! Another disadvantage is that it’s too easy to click that ‘Buy Now’ button and not think about the money that’s coming out of your bank account.”

One of the main reasons why Bella jumped at the chance to do the Buy Nothing New Challenge is to try and save money. She says that if she does need to buy something, she’s going to hunt for it at one our Hospice Op Shops, or find something at our Op Shop and repurpose it. “I just love doing new challenges like this and pushing myself. I’m looking forward to learning new skills, and most importantly, being able to go to op-shops and finding new and exciting clothes and getting ideas about how I can get creative and add to that outfit and make something really unique.”

A 21-day challenge without sugar is the only challenge that Bella’s done in the past and although it was hard, she learnt a lot. Bella’s excited about learning new fabric DIY skills, picking up some sewing skills and being able to turn someone else’s donated items into her own unique piece of treasure. “Buying nothing new and getting more life out of clothes is a great concept as it means there’ll be less clothing waste going into landfill. It makes us think about how we can repurpose, recycle and reuse our clothes, or other people’s second-hand clothes. There are heaps of YouTube tutorials and blogs that I’ll be following to make some really cool projects.”

We’re looking forward to sharing Bella’s experience this Buy Nothing New Month. She’ll be picking up a few items from our Hospice Op Shops and repurposing them into something special. Make sure you follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with her journey! Bella popped into our Te Atatu Hopsice Op Shop and found this yellow dress and these gorgeous shoes. She think the dress might be a little bit short, so she's going to repurpose it and somehow make it longer and more comfortable for her to wear. Stay tuned to see how it all works out in this Buy Nothing New Month with Bella. 


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