October is Buy Nothing New Month

Buy Nothing New  Month is a movement that has grown out of Australia, encouraging all of us to take a look at our consumption habits and see how they could change.
With our five shops around West Auckland and another always open store on TradeMe, we are all about encouraging people to embrace old as new, to buy pre-loved goods and discover the excitement of finding the perfect piece, just for you.

Buy Nothing New Month is not about foregoing true necessities, like food, hygiene and medicines. Instead it prompts us to take 31 days and pause to think, "Do I really need it?" If I do, "can I get it second-hand, borrow it or rent it? What are my alternatives? Can I borrow from a friend? Can I swap with my neighbour?"

With fast fashion making inroads in to New Zealand’s retail space, we’d like to suggest some alternatives:

  1. Mend those clothes that need mending – that hem that’s come loose, the hole that needs patching; now is the time to get that pile of To-Dos taken care of.
  2. Have a 'swishing' party – do a clothing swap! Get your friends together, and trade what you no longer wear (or want) for something new-to-you.
  3. Volunteer that time instead – make a large deposit in your karma bank and help a person or group that needs assistance. You can register to volunteer for Hospice here: http://hwa.org.nz/get-involved/registration.
  4. Connect with an old friend over coffee.
  5. Donate – sort through everything in the closets, garage and dressers for quality pre-loved items to donate to your local Hospice shop.

We’d love to see what you get up to in Buy Nothing New Month. Share your projects and not-new purchases on our Instagram and Facebook, using #BNNM. 

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