Meet Lily Buttrick, Our Hospice Hero

When asked what inspired Lily to run in the 2019 Auckland Marathon and fundraise for Hospice West Auckland, Lily replied “Hospice has been so supportive of my mum and myself. I wanted to give something back to help other people who can use these services in the future.”

Having already exceeded her Everyday Hero fundraising target of $2,000, Lily plans to raise as much as she can on behalf of her mother who is currently in Hospice care.

Hospice West Auckland holds immense significance for Lily; having lost her father to cancer in 1999, Lily has now taken on the responsibility of being her mother’s full-time carer, alongside the support of our community palliative care team. 

“We had our first interaction with Hospice in New Zealand when my Mum was first diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Everyone was amazing and very supportive. The thing is, you never think it’s going to happen to you and then it does and then you are so incredibly grateful for all the support you get, all the help: emotionally, psychologically, practically and so on.”

Lily mentioned that an important aspect of Hospice care she wasn’t aware of was that our community teams visit people in their homes.

“Having that extra support person is a big help, because I’m the only one whose caring for my mum. It just makes it a little bit easier to know what I’m doing. For people to be there, in the comfort of our home, supporting the both of us is really great.”

It can seem challenging to raise money for charity when you have never done so before, nevertheless, Lily wants people who are keen to get behind a worthwhile cause to never be afraid to ask.

“I simply say to people ‘this is what I’m doing and this is how it helps people in the community’ I think you just have to put your ego in a box, be vulnerable, be cheeky and simply just ask.”

“You can get healthy, you can do something to help your community, you can do something for humanity and I think it’s a really worthwhile cause to get behind. Just get out there and have fun,” says Lily.

If you, like Lily, want to ensure those at end of life and their loved ones are cared for at no cost, join team Hospice West and start fundraising today.

To kick-start this journey, you will need to:

1. Create a fundraising page via the Everyday Hero website
2. Choose your distance
3. Search ‘Team Hospice West’ in the search bar at the top right corner of the webpage. Once you’ve found us, click ‘join team.’

No matter the distance or the amount you raise; every step you take makes a difference.
For more information, please contact our Fundraising team on 09 834 9752 or via email

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