Meet Dave, Hospice West Auckland Volunteer

Dave Brown is one of our volunteers and ‘behind the scenes’ heroes. Not many of us see him, but you may have seen his amazing work in all our shops.

Dave’s role is fairly unique. He’s our ‘fixer upperer’, taking unloved chairs and tables, that may need a bit of TLC, turning an item which would not have sold as is, and then turning into something beautiful and re-purposed.

Whether it’s fixing toys, mending cabinets, creating coffee tables, there’s pretty much nothing Dave can’t mend, or create from something bent, broken or just un-loved.

Working in his home based workshop, it’s incredible the amount of hours Dave puts in on a weekly basis. Just in the past month alone Dave has made 11 stools, turned 6 picture frames into a jewellery showcase with 6 drawers and a wooden side table.

At 91, Dave is inspiring and we can not thank you enough for your time, amazing skills and contribution.

Dave and his wife Jude (who is also a volunteer) will be moving to a retirement village in the near future, so we will sadly be losing Dave’s handyman skills. We wish you well Dave and thank-you from all of us at Hospice West Auckland.

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