Join us as Retail Development Manager

There is a secret to making a sale. And it’s not being a good salesperson. (Really? Really.)

It’s called emotional intelligence. And it’s the capacity for recognising the feelings of others (and being able to adapt to make others feel better).

Individuals who have low emotional intelligence tend to sell less. Plain and simple.

Here’s one mistake made in those with low emotional intelligence: you talk too much.

We know you have a lot of shiny statistics and great pre-written sales comments to make to this potential client. But save them. Watch or listen for cues that tell you they’ve heard enough. Rather, ask them questions about what problems they want to solve.

We're looking for someone who fits this bill to join our team as Retail Development Manager

This role is:
1. Overall Manager to manage the Store Managers
2. Manage the overview of stock control and drive distribution of stock
3. Integral part of the Money machine that drives the revenue for Hospice West Auckland services
4. Strategic analysis of sales data and customer demographic to drive sales
5. Second hands goods

If you're ready to apply, please email a covering letter and your CV to If you'd like to discuss, please give our Organisational Development Manager Lee Brunton on 027 702 0529. Applications close 5 August 2016.

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