Hospice Awareness Week 2015

Friends and families, this week is Hospice Awareness Week.

A time a time to acknowledge and celebrate the great services that our local Hospices provide their communities, a time to share experiences and demystify the perceptions of what Hospice really is, and a time to reach out and support your local Hospice in whatever way you can.

Hospice that provides care and support to people and their carers and families, who are experiencing end-of-life illnesses that are diagnosed as non-curable.
Hospice support is provided to people of all ages, not only the aged.
Hospice is not a place where people go to spend their final days, but a philosophy of care, based on helping to achieve the best possible quality of life through an holistic range of clinical, social and spiritual care practices.
Our professional palliative care is provided both in people's own homes as well as hospice care facilities.
Most importantly, everything we provide to a person and their family is free and your donation will help to ensure this continues.

Visit the Hospice NZ website to learn more and to watch Jo Seagar, Patron and Ambassador for Hospice New Zealand talk about the great things Hospice does for our community.

If you'd like to contribute by way of making a donation, please visit our Giving page to learn the various ways you can make a difference.

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