Dads of Hospice West Auckland: Zain Ali, Spiritual Advisor

What does it mean to you to be a dad?
It means a couple of things. Being there for my kids through thick and thin. Knowing their interests. Trying to understand what they are good at and what will be good for them and their development. To help them succeed and be the best they can be in their area of interest. A good grounding in their values and culture so they can flourish and do well.

What did you learn from your dad?
1. Spirituality grounding and grounding in values
2. Interest in the outdoors and fishing
3. Love for sports especially rugby and cricket
4. Love for Country and Westerns and Clint Eastwood
5. Passion for learning and education

What do you want for your kids?
1. Balance – grounding in spirituality
2. To enjoy the outdoors
3. To have a good education

How is Hospice there for dads?
Having worked at Hospice for almost for two years, I have come to know the people that work at Hospice West Auckland both personally and professionally. I know that the staff here are warm, generous, and open hearted, and they will go the extra mile to help people.
When talking to the patients and families that I work with, many are apprehensive speaking about Hospice but once that have stepped through the door their fears have eased; they felt at home and at peace and it has been said often that ‘hospice feel likes family’.
As a father you feel like you want to be self-reliant and self-sufficient and Hospice never gets in the way of that. You do not have to give up your independence or health reliance because hospice is there to support you and walk beside you on your journey when and as you need us.

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