Call for Designer Items

Our call for Designer Donations is now on!

We're grateful to our friend Te Radar who has donated his pair of Levis 501 Shorts to be used eith on the catwalk or in the Designer Clothing Sale at our upcoming Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Show.

Read what he had to say about why he's chosen to donate his shorts to our Absolutely Fabulous Fashion Show below or check out the story in the Western Leader here.

"Hospice is one of those organisations that goes largely unnoticed until you need it. And then you really, really need it. Which is why I notice hospice shops. I never drive past one without popping in, and I never pop in without buying something I didn’t know I wanted. The Te Atatu Hospice store is actually my favourite Hospice shop because they have a wonderful store designer. I assume it’s a designer, or just someone who really knows how to put a display together. So I’m donating this pair of Levi 501 jean shorts to help Hospice. I got them as a prize in a store raffle, but they make me look like Rosie the Riveter so off they go, unworn by me, to grace a more suitable person. Perhaps a dashing young urban lumberjack can show his knees off in them. Or a vintage vixen can sport them as Marilynesque boyfriend-shorts. Maybe they will be the long awaited replacement for cargo shorts for someone in the middle-aged-dad demographic. Wherever they end up, they will have supported the wonderful work Hospice is doing."

-Te Radar.

If you have an item you'd like to donate to the Fashion Show simply call 0508 4 HOSPICE or drop them in to our Fashion Shoe collection centre at 212 Swanson Rd, Henderson from 8.30-5pm Mon-Fri.

Visit to buy tickets or for more details on the show.

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