A change of lifestyle for our Buy Nothing New Month Champion

We caught up with Bella, our Community Relationship Manager and Buy Nothing New Month Champion to see how she's going with the challenge. It's been a rewarding 12 days for our Bella, keep reading to find out what she's learnt about her herself and her spending habits and so far. 

"Buy Nothing New Month has made me press pause of my consumeristic habits. Before doing this challenge, I had a tendency to shop for items without thinking ‘do I really need this?’ and ‘is there something that I can use instead?’ Having that time to press pause has made realise that my ‘need’ is not actually a real ‘need’. I've also realised that the money I'm saving can be used towards ‘experiences’ rather than things.

One item I have bought in the last week was a purse at our Swanson Road Hospice Op Shop. I'm attending the Zonta Annual Dinner and wanted to have something that was more delicate and fitted with the event. Buying this item from our Hospice Op Shop has made me feel good about my consumerism as I've given a new lease of life to this lovely purse. 

In line with changing my shopping habits, I'm in the spring mode of getting fit and healthier, and have recently bought a 90-day plan with the Body Coach. I felt that spending my money on something that was going to bring about a positive change to my fitness level, energy and overall wellbeing was money well spent! Advertising in fashion magazines focuses on buying the right clothes to make you feel better about yourself making us think that if we rush out to buy a new outfit we're magically going to feel more confident and happier, but often this feeling is short lived. I think that by spending my money on a change in lifestyle with the Body Coach, I'm going to feel much happier about myself, for much longer.

I look forward to sharing with you all my thoughts next week as I keep going in my Buy Nothing New Month challenge. In the meantime, I'd love to hear how you’re all going, feel free to share your thoughts and progress on our Facebook page, we're also sharing some tips and tricks to help you do the challenge!"


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