A Blossoming Love: Nevan and Joy’s story

Every day our team of doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists put their heart and soul into providing the very best care for people in our community. Recently we cared for Nevan and the love of his life Joy through providing them with the care to continue to live and experience every day to the fullest until the end. This is their love story.

Nevan and Joy married in 1980 combining their families of five children together. Having both had previous marriages they found love again after Nevan’s cheeky persistence for Joy’s affection. “We met at the office. He took an instant liking to me. Every day I would get to the front door and there would be a bouquet of flowers. He would drive my children crazy ringing all the time and wouldn’t leave me alone. I would be doing his dictaphone work where I would be touch-typing and he would say ‘I love you’ which I would then write.”

Nevan’s persistent efforts to woo Joy were encouraged by her teenage daughter’s intervention “My daughter was a bit responsible. We were out at the green grocers, and there he was. ‘Oh mum you’re so mean, he looks so lonely there, just go over and to talk to him.’ Then she said, ‘are you going to come home and have a cup of coffee with us?’, which he jumped at of course. He cared more for me initially but over time my love grew for him too”.

Once Joy and Nevan were married he wanted to make sure she knew how important she was to him, how much he loved her, and would always be at her side. “Every day he would pick a flower, even in the snow, which he would put a small vase. This was so important to him.”

Throughout their relationship Nevan never stopped surprising and delighting Joy, even until his very last days. Our nurses were there to make sure he could continue to do what he loved the most… loving and surprising Joy right up until the end.

His wedding anniversary was one such occasion that our nurse Nina, helped him plan early, so that he made sure he would not miss it. Joy remembers the occasion well, “I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near the kitchen or dining room, this was the 17 Sep and our wedding anniversary was the 17 Oct! He gave me a glass of champagne and ‘I know it is a month early but I want to do this for you, Happy Wedding Anniversary!’.  He did all of it the shopping and the cooking. When he brought out the second course, it was just incredible what he did, and it was a month before he passed away. I will never ever forget it.”

With the support of Hospice Nevan was able to continue living in the place he called home, showing the woman he loved how important she was, and making special memories right up to their last moment together.


“I just couldn’t fault them, they were amazing all the time - Nina and the girls. They would rally around us. They all deserve medals for how devoted and dedicated they were and for always having the right words.”

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