Hospice West Rangatahi

Are you between 15 – 25 years old and inspired to help?

Hospice West Rangatahi is the springboard for youth to engage and grow outside the traditional classroom context and make positive change in their communities.

As a volunteer youth ambassador of  the Hospice West Rangatahi programme in their communities and beyond each ambassador will receive training, access to high profile events and workshops as well as dedicated support from the Hospice West Auckland team.

In addition to being of service to their community, the programme engages youth to develop their personal leadership, intercultural communication skills and a deeper understanding of grief, loss, depression and loneliness.

The programme runs throughout the year and students are welcome to apply at any stage.

Public Speaking Workshop - 24th July 2017 

Public Speaking / Presentations are part of any career, community work or social life. Many students have a nerve-wracking anxiety when they think of standing before a group of people. This workshop helps master public speaking skills, addresses issues and transforms every Rangatahi into self-confident individuals.The guest speaker will be Nathan Rarere,award winning broadcaster with whom our ambassadors can engage in discussion, rather than lecture style presentation.

How to join
This is a fabulous opportunity to have youth be our leaders in embracing the fullness of life and living every moment to the fullest. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, register your interest today.

Email: info@hwa.org.nz

Hospice West Rangatahi is supported by Ministry of Social Development and Western Districts Community Foundation.

We would love to hear from potential sponsors. If you are passionate about building community connections and helping the youth of West Auckland succeed through community engagement and leadership, we'd love to hear from you.